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ZWZ wind power series bearing
  • ZWZ wind power series bearing
  • ZWZ wind power series bearing
  • ZWZ wind power series bearing
  • ZWZ wind power series bearing
  • ZWZ wind power series bearing

ZWZ wind power series bearing

Range: ID 20mm to OD 16000mm
Quality level: Top
Curent customer: Baosteel,Danieli,SMS,SEW, Comer,Bonfiglioli,Heidelberg、FLS

Product Detail

Wind power series bearing

4.1 Yaw, pitch bearing.
Support For the world  20,000 pcs wind machine.

4.2 Spindle bearing.
Product stable supply 12 years

4.3 Increaser bearing
European standard design and manufacturing, full manufacturing chain production capacity, high reliability, high load, long life

4.4 Drive bearing
For 148,000 drivers around the world

4.5 Motor bearing
European design

1.The structural characteristics of wind power bearings

1.1 The structural characteristics of yaw bearings and blade bearings

The structure of the yaw bearing and blade bearings are single-row or double-row four-point contact ball slewing bearings.

The blade bearings endure the axial force, radial force and turning moment produced by both the blade and wind swept blade,and though the adjustment of the blade structure, it can ensure the inclination angle of the blade relative to the different wind speed.

The yaw bearings are in the top of the tower, which support the entire cabin of the wind turbine and bear the axial force, radial force and overturning moment produced by wind swept blade, and though the yaw adjustment of the yaw driving structure, it can ensure the directionality of the pod on the positive wind power.

1.2 The structural characteristics of main bearings

Due to different design of the turbine transmission system, the main bearings have a lot of structure style.

Due to the wind power bearings need to ensure the high reliability and long life, ZWZ calculate every wind turbine for the bearing type selection, which includes strength calculation,life calculation, bolt strength calculations, and tooth strength calculation.

ZWZ can execute synchronous design to the bearing selection with customer's turbine design.

Before customers select the bearings, they need to provide bearing working load(static load,fatigue load spectrum), load coordinate system and driveline structure layout and other information to ZWZ,

ZWZ calculates the bearing type selection based on the bearing application condition.

2.The assembly and maintenance of the wind power bearings

Due to the individual design of the wind power bearings, ZWZ will provide customers with detailed bearing assembly maintenance instructions to the customers when customers select ZWZ bearings

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