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1. Material:

For Material,there are different material for components:
Cylinder:aluminium alloy,No.45, 20 carbon structural steel, alloy steel
Snap Rings:#45 carbon structural steel, spring steels.
Piston:aluminium alloy,#45 carbon structural steel, alloy ball
Piston rod: #45 carbon structural steel, alloy ball
Guide sleeve:aluminum alloy、#45 carbon structural steel
Lug :#45 carbon structural steel, cast steel。
Seal:NBR、PU and PTFE

2. Size range

For withstand pressure it can be 16Mpa、25Mpa、31.5Mpaand son on.
For Material,there are different material for components:

3. Grade


4. Type

It can be straight reciprocating motion or swing type;Single action or double action;
According to the structure can be divided into piston type, plunger type, multi-stage telescopic sleeve type;

5. Hardness


6. Characteristic

is the actuator in the hydraulic transmission system, which converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.
It is made of cylinder、piston、piston rod、cylinder head、seals and so on.

7. Application

1. Construction machinery: excavator, crane, loader, scraper road roller.
2. Mining machinery : crusher,elevator,hydraulic support,grader and so on
3. Agricultural machinery:combine-harvester、Tractors.
4. Metallurgical machinery:electric furnace、rolling mill、punching machine。
5. automobile industry:dump truck、platform lorry、hydraulic aerial cage
6 light industrial machinery:injection molding machine、paper machine、printing press and textile machine.

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