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Automotive Timing Belt Mold List (List data adjusted monthly)

Automotive Timing belt raw materials: high-quality Japanese imports of neoprene (or hydrogenated nitrile rubber) as the main raw materials, distribution of the supplies, a variety of different uses; skeleton materials for the Japanese import quality glass fiber cord; nylon belt tooth surface 66 high elastic fabrics do protection, and in strict accordance with the technical specifications produced. A look clean, full profile, long service life, low noise characteristics.

Characteristics Automotive Timing belt

Neoprene synchronous belt:

Heat is good - can be at 120。C and below, the working environment and long-term use; Anti-aging is good - especially ozone-resistant properties must gifted; Good chemical stability: In addition to strong oxidizing acid, the chemical resistance of the general erosion; Fire water-resistant properties well;

Hydrogenated nitrile rubber band:

Oil resistance excellent - oil resistance with very low infation, higher oil resistance; Durability good - dynamic performance than chloroprene rubber belt for the gifted, is the first choice in the luxury car drive belt; Wear properties gifted - wear than small chloroprene rubber belt to reduce the noise, effectively extending the service life of the belt;

HNBR Automotive Timing belt in the application:

Hyundai Motor because of energy-saving, environmental protection, comfort,and security requirements increasing, making the whole engine room structure complex, compact, high working temperature, the rubber pieces which should have high temperatures performance. With the improved engine lubrication technology, the lubricants used in a new additive, in the engine oil resistance of the rubber pieces to a higher demand. On the other hand, long maintenance period, the durability of rubber pieces there are increasingly high requirements. Hyundai Motor rubber pieces require oil resistance in certain conditions in the -40。C to +150。C transmission belt is the important automotive rubber parts, including OHC engine when used with the regulatioh that is synchronous belt, automotive auxiliary drive V-belt use in cars and multi-wedge zone and the newly developed CVT institutions (CTV) by the variable V-belt. Since 1975 HNBR announcement of the first patents, HNBR is becoming today's world car production preferred standard synchronous belt elastomer material.

Modern cars on the synchronous belt specific requirements: Durability increase 1.5 times higher than the bandwidth reduced 20%; increased 10°C heat. Synchronous belt by the rubber, and fiber tensile body

(fiberglass or Kevlar), and composed of nylon cloth tooth complex. HNBR manufactured synchronous belt whether fatigue life, or the water-resistant properties than chloroprene rubber and chlorosulfonated polyethylene manufacturing synchronous belt performance much better.

We can produce belts as your supplied sample.

We can produce particular type or functione belts(such as anti-static electricity,poison-free) as clients' request.



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