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Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing

Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing
  • Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing
  • Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing
  • Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing
  • Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing
  • Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing
Quality: all products are 100% inspected
Advantage: capacity to the height direction
Precision level: P5,P4 and P2
Application: robot rotating parts, manipulator joint parts, CNC indexing workbenches, medical equipment, and measuring instruments
Package: plywood case with test reports and qualified certificates
Service: 24/7 online service, OEM & ODM services available

Product Detail

The slewing bearing, also known as the slewing ring, is a large bearing that can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. Turntable bearings are generally equipped with mounting holes, internal gears or external gears, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices, which can make the mainframe structure compact, reliable guidance, and convenient maintenance.

Slewing bearings include four-point contact ball bearings without gears, external gears and internal gears, double-row angular contact ball bearings, crossed cylindrical roller bearings, crossed tapered roller bearings and three-row cylindrical roller combined bearings, etc. Among them, four-point contact ball bearings have higher static load capacity; crossed cylindrical roller bearings have higher dynamic load capacity; Crossed tapered roller bearings make the bearings have greater support rigidity and higher rotation accuracy through pre-interference energy. Slewing bearings are widely used in hoisting machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, wind power, port machinery, marine machinery and high precision Radar machinery and missile launchers and other large rotating devices


The three-row cylindrical roller slewing bearing leads the improvement of the bearing capacity to the height direction of the bearing. Various loads are borne by different raceways and roller groups, so under the same stress conditions, the diameter of the bearing can be greatly reduced. Therefore, the host is more compact, and it is a slewing bearing with high load capacity.

Some standard models of our three-row cylindrical roller slewing bearing, we also produce custom products.

133.25.500. 133.40.1800. 131.25.500.132.40.1600. 130.25.500.
134.25.500.134.40.1800.132.25.500.131.40.1800. 130.25.560.
133.25.560. 133.45.2000.131.25.560.132.40.1800. 130.25.630.
134.25.560. 134.45.2000.132.25.560.131.25.2000.03130.25.710.
133.25.630.133.45.2240. 131.25.630.131.45.2000.04130.32.800.
134.25.630. 134.45.2240.132.25.630. 131.45.2000. 130.32.900.
133.25.710. 133.45.2500. 131.25.710. 132.45.2000. 130.32.1000.
134.25.710.134.45.2500.132.25.710.131.45.2240. 130.32.1120.
133.32.800. 133.45.2800.131.32.800.132.45.2240. 130.40.1250.
134.32.800. 134.45.2800.132.32.800.131.45.2500.04130.40.1400.
133.32.900.133.50.3150. 131.32.900. 131.45.2500.130.40.1600.
134.32.900. 134.50.3150. 132.32.900. 132.45.2500. 130.40.1800.
133.32.1000. 133.50.3550. 131.32.1000. 131.45.2800. 130.45.2000.
134.32.1000. 134.50.3550.132.32.1000. 132.45.2800. 130.45.2240.
133.32.1120. 133.50.4000.131.32.1120.131.50.3150. 130.45.2500.
134.32.1120. 134.50.4000.132.32.1120. 132.50.3150. 130.45.2800.
133.40.1250.133.50.4500.131.40.1250.131.50.3550. 130.50.3150.
134.40.1250.134.50.4500. 132.40.1250.132.50.3550.130.50.3550.
133.40.1400. 133.50.5000.131.40.1400.131.50.4000. 130.50.4000.
134.40.1400. 134.50.5000.132.40.1400. 132.50.4000.130.50.4500.
134.40.1600.132.50.5000. 132.50.4500.

For slewing bearings with internal and external teeth, the hobbing process must be processed before grinding, and the machining must be processed strictly in accordance with the technical requirements, and the accuracy level must be above grade 8.


Regarding Drilling:

1) Scribing and positioning according to the size specified in the drawing after measuring the external dimensions. The difference between the holes should not be greater than 30%.

2) Drilling: check the scribe line according to the drawing and make sure the dimensions are correct before drilling. Installing holes should be processed in pairs with a soft belt at 180° and the hole distance errors should not be larger than 5%.


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