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95% (within hours)
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RMB 10 million
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Less than 10
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steel balls , rollers, ball bearing,roller bearing,cylindrical rollers,needle rollers,auto part and agri hub,bushing,slewing bearing,hydraulic cylinder
Stainless Steel Ball
  • Stainless Steel Ball
Material: AISI420C, AISI316, AISI316L, AISI440C, AISI304
Grade: G10-G1000
Size: 1mm~180mm

Product Detail

Stainless Steel Ball AISI420C

Balls of this material offer good hardness and surface finish. They have fair resistance to fresh water, steam, oil, gasoline, blood, perspiration, alcohol and food environment. AISI420 stainless steel balls are used in applications where the more rigid corrosion resistance requirements can be relaxed, such as motorcycle parts, stainless steel bearings, plastic bearing and electrical equipment etc.

Stainless Steel Ball AISI316

This is only austenitic steel for ball manufacture and can be non magnetic. 316L stainless steel ball has a lower carbon content than 316 stainless, which gives it even higher corrosion resistance than the excellent resistance of type 316. Applications for type 316L balls include Jewelry and medical uses.

Stainless Steel Ball AISI304

Ball of material AISI304 is the most versatile of steel balls. It is used for applications where material toughness and resistance to corrosion are more important than hardness. AISI304L has a higher corrosion resistance than AISI304. It is easily to welds and has an excellent performance of polishing. Non-magnetic properties available upon request.

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