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Single row tapered roller bearings are radial thrust rolling bearings with tapered rollers. There are two kinds of small cone angle and big cone angle. Small cone angle mainly bears radial and axial combined loads mainly consisting of radial loads. It is often used in double directions. The inner and outer seat rings can be installed in reverse direction. The radial and axial clearances can be adjusted in installation and use. Large cone angle mainly bears axial and radial combined loads mainly consisting of axial loads. It is generally not used to bear pure axial loads alone. It is used as a pair of configurations (relative installation at the same name end). It can withstand pure radial load.

Bearing capacity of radial combined bearing mainly depends on raceway angle (bearing contact angle) of outer ring. This kind of bearing belongs to separate type bearing. According to the number of rollers in the bearing, it can be divided into single-row and double-row tapered roller bearings. The clearance of single-row tapered roller bearings needs user to adjust (pre-tightening force) double-row tapered roller bearings during installation. Roller bearing clearance products are given according to the user's requirements when they are out of the factory, and need not be readjusted by the user.

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