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Pillow Block Unit and Insert Bearing
  • Pillow Block Unit and Insert Bearing

Pillow Block Unit and Insert Bearing

Inventory: 10000
Delivery: Within 15days
Quality level: High
Application: Agriculture industry

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Pillow Block Unit and Insert Bearing

Pillow block bearing unit is a bearing unit that combines a rolling bearing with a bearing housing. Most pillow block bearings are made of spherical outer diameter and are installed with pillow block which have spherical inner holes. They have various structural forms, good versatility and interchangeability.

Insert Bearings are a type of radial ball bearing designed for simplified installation and assembly. Unlike traditional radial ball bearings, which are pressed into their assemblies, Insert Bearings can be slip fit directly onto their shafts. By design, Insert Bearings feature an extended inner ring that provides additional shaft support.

Inner diameterBearing No.
Bearing No.
Bearing No.
Bearing No.
Bearing No.



12UB 201
UC 201

15UB 202
UC 202

17UB 203
UC 203

20UB 204
UC 204
EN 204

25UB 205UB 305UC 205UC 305EN 205

30UB 206UB 306UC 206UC 306EN 206

35UB 207UB 307UC 207UC 307EN 207

40EN 208

45EN 209

50EN 210

Max140UB 228UB 328UC 228UC 328



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