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95% (within hours)
Annual production: 
1 Billion USD
Total No. Employees: 
more than 500
Main products: 
Timing belts(rubble&PU),poly-v belts(PJ,PH,PK,PL,PM),V-belts,EPS&EPB belts and pulleys for Industrial and Automotive with full ranges.

PU synchronous belt

PU synchronous belt
  • PU synchronous belt

Product Detail

PU synchronous belt, suitable for synchronous transmission occasions, has high strength, high elasticity, small permanent deformation, good winding, excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, can meet the strict requirements of medical food for environmental use. Open-end PU timing belt: Designed for linear transmission applications, suitable for reciprocating transmission. Temperature range -30~+80 degrees Celsius. The standard length is 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters. The width is 200 mm and 500 mm. (can be arbitrarily cut into the required width and length) Connection PU synchronous belt: suitable for light load transmission and traction requirements are not high. Jointless PU synchronous belt: Suitable for high-power transmission applications that require high dynamic loads and high positioning accuracy. The circumference ranges from 750 mm to 16000 mm. Width 200 mm. (Can be arbitrarily cut to the desired width)

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