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Product Introduction :

Agricultural bearing is a kind of bearing especially designed for coping with easy entry of muddy water into the bearing during farming and equidistant installation of multiple sets of bearings on the working shaft. It has good sealing and self-aligning performance and high loading capacity. Consisting of bearing set with flange and bearing unit, its efficient sealing increases the service life of the bearing and also extends the working life of the agricultural machinery.



Product Specifications :


Usage: Agricultural machinery

Material: Chrome steel

Type: bearing unit&

     Bearing unit with flange

Precision rating:P2,P5,P4A(UP)

Characteristic: high speed

Model: Common & custom




Bearings have a wide range of applications in agricultural machinery, including tillage machines, hay rakes, tractors, balers, and high-power harvesting machinery, such as green fodder harvesters. As agricultural machinery often works in harsh environments with heavy loads, vibrations, and shocks, the reasonable use and maintenance of bearings is very important. Our agricultural bearings have the advantages of large carrying capacity, reliable work, impact resistance, vibration absorption, and splitting so that they are very suitable for high-speed and heavy-load agricultural machinery operations with huge impact and vibration.

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