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EU Bushing
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EU Bushing

Static Load: 250 N/mm2
Dynamic Load: 140 N/mm2
Dry Running: 2.0m/s
Hydrodynamic Operation: >2m/s
Short-Term Operation: 3.6 N/mm2 · m/s
Operation Temperature Range: -195~280℃
Thermal Conductivity: 40 W(m · k-1)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 11 · 10K-1 λST
Coefficient of Friction: 0.03~0.25 μ

Product Detail

EU tri-layer maintanence-free bushing have a base of lower carbon steel, onto which a porous bronze layer is sintered. PTFE mixtures are impregnated into the intersice of this bronze layer after rolling process completed. Eu has good physical & mechanical properties, also has certainly chemical properties. It is suitable for rotary, oscillating movement with performance of self-lub. Anti-wear, lower firction, lower noise.

1. Self-lub. Layer PTFE Mixture 0.01-0.03mm. After rolling process completed, PTFE mixtures are filled in intersice of bronze layer. Under normal operation, Part of PTFE mixture on top layer will be removed and transferred on the mating surface, forms a physically lubricating film, which will reduced the firction coe. and protect the mating shaft.
2. Porous Bronze layer; The layer provides bonded strength of Self-Lub. Layer.
3. Steel Backing The layer provides load & thermal conductivity
4. Copper / Tin layer

Max. Load Capacity

Static LoadN/mm2250
Dynamic LoadN/mm2140
Max. Speed

Dry Runningm/s2.0
Hydrodynamic Operationm/s>2
Max. PV Value

Short-Term OperationN/mm2 · m/s3.6
Continuous OperationN/mm2 · m/s1.8
Coefficient of Frictionμ0.03~0.25
Operation Temperature Range-195~280
Thermal ConductivityW(m · k-1)40
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionλST11 · 10K-1

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