Hall No.
EMT Bushing-EMT-1/EMT-2/EMT-3/EMT-4/EMT-5
  • EMT Bushing-EMT-1/EMT-2/EMT-3/EMT-4/EMT-5

EMT Bushing-EMT-1/EMT-2/EMT-3/EMT-4/EMT-5

Max Load Capacity P: 150/130/120/100/140 mm^2
Max Speed: 2.5 m/s
Maximum PVValue: 2.8,2.8,2.5 N/mm^2. m/s
Max Speed: 10,10,15,25 m/s
Maximum PVValue: 10,10,8,6 N/ mm^2. m/s
Coefficient of friction: 0.05~0.12,0.05~0.15,0.06~0.17,0.06~0.17
Greaes Lubrication: 150°C/150°C/170°C/150°C
Lubrication: 250°C/250°C/250°C/250°C/200°C
Alloy Hardness: 60~100HB,45~70HB,30~45HB,30~40HB,70~120HB

Product Detail

DataPart NoEMT-1EMT-2EMT-3EMT-4EMT-5
EMT Structure
Corresponding CodeSAE-792(SAE797).

Clevite F100.GGB-
SY.Daido L10.
Federal Mogul HF
Glyco 66.
Daido L23. Glyco

Federal Mogul TR-
Glyco 74.

Max Load Capacity P150/mm 2130/mm 2120/mm 2100/mm 2140/mm 2
Greaes Lubrication

Max Speed2.5m/s2.5m/s

Maximum PVValue2.8N/mm2. m/s2.8N/mm2. m/s2.5N/mm2. m/s

Coefficient of friction0.05~0.150.06~0.16


Max Speed10m/s10m/s15m/s25m/s
Maximum PVValue10N/mm2. m/s10N/mm2. m/s8N/mm2. m/s6N/mm2. m/s
Coefficient of friction0.05~0.120.05~0.150.06~0.170.06~0.17
Max Working

Greaes Lubrication150°C150°C170°C150°C
Alloy Hardness60~100HB45~70HB30~45HB30~40HB70~120HB

EMT Lubrication Design


EMT Split Gap Design


EMT Oil Hole Design

Oil Hole is necessary to design if EMT have lubricated sufficiently; the following oil hole design is recommended, which is also suitable for EMT series without special requirements.

Bushing O.D. (D)Φ14>D≤22Φ14>D≤22Φ14>D≤22Φ14>D≤22Φ14>D≤22
Oil Hole Diameter (mm)34567

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