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Customized Plastic Ball Bearing POMPA Bearing
  • Customized Plastic Ball Bearing POMPA Bearing

Customized Plastic Ball Bearing POMPA Bearing

operate environment: sea water, film processing solutions and swimming pools
friction: less
noise control: silent

Product Detail

Product parameters


POM/PA Bearing



Race Type:




Seal Type:


Bearing material-Outer Ring Material:


Bearing precision grade:


Bearing material-Inner Ring Material:


Internal clearance:


Bearing material-Rolling element material:


Type of lubricant:


Radial clearance

C2 C0 C3 C4 C5

Product Feature
Acid and alkali proof, self-lubricating, wear-proof, good electrical insulation
Mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decoration materials ,etc
Product Details
POM also known as polyethylene oxide, methylene , English name polyxymethylene ( abbreviated POM). Regular and crystalline molecular structure so that it is very excellent physical and mechanical properties , metallic plastic said . POM is a crystalline opaque cream linear thermoplastic resin, with a good overall performance and coloring, with a high elastic modulus, high rigidity and hardness , specific strength and specific stiffness close to the metal ; tensile strength, flexural strength , creep resistance and excellent fatigue resistance , resistance to repeated impact , go out resilience excellent ; small coefficient of friction , wear , good dimensional stability , good surface gloss , high viscoelasticity , Chit is small, electric excellent insulating properties and is not affected by temperature ; excellent chemical resistance , in addition to strong acids , and therefore vibration absorption , silencer ; water absorption, insulation resistance is good and unaffected by humidity ; excellent chemical resistance : In addition to strong acids, phenols and organic halides , the stability of other chemicals , oil ; little affected by temperature mechanical properties , has a high heat distortion temperature .
POM also known as " match steel " : with good mechanical strength and wear resistance , suitable for the production of more sophisticated plastic bearings , its good self- lubricating properties and low coefficient of friction , while maintaining the traditional advantages of plastic bearings , based on the applicable for precision and high speed operation . Which POM plastic bearings plastic bearings in all the most widely used and is generally used inside and outside the sphere material POM, the cage made of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (GRPA66-25). Ball glass balls, stainless steel balls or ceramic balls, bearing alkaline environment, good performance but not suitable corrosion in acidic environments.

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