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Bearing with Solid Oil
  • Bearing with Solid Oil

Bearing with Solid Oil

Inventory: 10000
Delivery: Within 15days
Quality level: High
Application: Food and beverage, Mining, mineral processing and cement, Material handling

Product Detail

Bearing with Solid Oil

A bearing with Solid Oil contains two to four times more oil than bearing s lubri - cated with a conventional grease ill The high quality synthetic oil resists oxidation and the solid structure of the polymer material means that it cannot be over- rolled or churned further extending lubri - cant life Bearings with Solid Oil are lubri - cated for the life of the bearing and cannot be relubricated.

Features and benefits

1. Long service life

An increase in operating temperature pushes the oil toward the surface of the polymer material, supporting consistent lubricant supply. During shutdown, any excess oil is re-absorbed back into the polymer material.

2. Extended lubricant life

With Solid Oil bearings, a large amount of oil is available (two to four times more compared to conventional grease fill).

The Solid Oil polymer structure eliminates lubricant churning.

Solid Oil is a high-quality synthetic oil that resists oxidation.

3. Resists washout

Solid Oil cannot be washed out and virtually fills all free space, limiting the amount of wet contamination that can enter the bearing.

Water cannot mix with the oil or Solid Oil polymer.

4. Virtually eliminates lubricant leakage

Solid Oil retains oil in the bearing.

Integral bearing seals further increase the oil retention.

5. Protects against the ingress of contaminants

Close osculation between Solid Oil and the rolling elements and raceways significantly reduces the ingress of contaminants.

Solid Oil provides additional support for integral bearing seals.

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