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Professional WITHDRAWAL SLEEVES manufacturer of Taiwan in Hardware Industry in Asia. Not only a Professional BEARING Maker but also a Withdrawal Sleeve Supplier, Withdrawal Sleeve Exporter, Withdrawal Sleeve Agent, Withdrawal Sleeve Distributor to meet your goal.

Withdrawal Sleeve No.d1D1LL1 1)bWeightThread 2)Appropriate Withdrawal Nut No.
AH 22361706.6932001054.1341104.331173.738.22M 200*3AN 40
AH 22381807.0872101124.4091174.606184.259.37TM 210*4HN 42
AH 22401907.4802201184.6461234.843194.6810.3TM 220*4HN 44
AH 22442007.8742401305.1181365.354209.1020.1TM 240*4HN 48
AH 22482208.6612601445.6691505.9062111.124.5TM 260*4HN 52
AH 22522409.4492901556.1021616.3392314.030.9TM 290*4HN 58
AH 225626010.2363101556.1021636.4172415.233.5TM 310*5HN 62
AH 226028011.0243301706.6931787.0082618.139.9TM 330*5HN 66
AH 226430011.8113501807.0871907.4802720.244.5TM 350*5HN 70

1) Dimension L1 decreases as the withdrawal sleeve is driven in during mounting.
2) M means metric thread, TM means 300 trapezoid thread and the digits are outside diameter of thread and pitch.

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