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thin-walled deep groove ball bearings

1600 series Inch Series Deep Groove Ball Bearing

1600 series Inch Series Deep Groove Ball Bearing
  • 1600 series Inch Series Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Type: 1600 Series
Advantage: Excellent quality,reasonable price,technical support
Service: one-stop problem solving service

Product Detail

Deep groove ball bearings 1600 Series

Deep groove ball bearings are suitable for high speed operation, and are very durable and do not require frequent maintenance. This type of bearing has a small friction coefficient, a high limit speed, and a wide range of sizes and forms. It is used in precision instruments, low-noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles, and general machinery. It is the most widely used bearing in the machinery industry. It mainly bears radial load and can also bear a certain amount of axial load.

Bearing NO.Dimensions mmBasic Load Rating(N)
1614-2RS9.525 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1140520
16149.525 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1140520
1607ZZ11.113 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm1015430
1607-2RS11.113 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm1015430
160711.113 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm1015430
1606ZZ9.525 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm750320
1606-2RS9.525 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm750320
16069.525 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm750320
1605ZZ7.938 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm745315
1605-2RS7.938 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm745315
16057.938 mm23.017 mm7.938 mm745315
1604ZZ9.525 mm22.225 mm7.142 mm750320
1604-2RS9.525 mm22.225 mm8.733 mm750320
16049.525 mm22.225 mm7.142 mm750320
1603ZZ7.938 mm22.225 mm7.142 mm745310
1603-2RS7.938 mm22.225 mm8.733 mm745310
16037.938 mm22.225 mm7.142 mm745310
1602ZZ6.35 mm17.463 mm6.35 mm635240
1602-2RS6.35 mm17.463 mm7.938 mm635240
16026.35 mm17.463 mm6.35 mm635240
1601ZZ4.763 mm17.463 mm6.35 mm600220
1601-2RS4.763 mm17.463 mm7.938 mm600220
16014.763 mm17.463 mm6.35 mm600220
1615ZZ11.113 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1145530
161612.7 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1150450
1616-2RS12.7 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1150450
1615-2RS11.113 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1145530
1614ZZ9.525 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1140520
161511.113 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1145530
1616ZZ12.7 mm28.575 mm9.525 mm1150450

Quality Control

CXE Bearing factory is equipped with roundness meter, profile meter, S0910, BVT and other testing instruments, and has product development and design capabilities. Our products sell well in domestic and overseas  markets and are well received by customers. With a full range of products, good quality, excellent price and technical guarantee, our company will provide you with one-stop problem-solving services.

CXE committed to guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers, combining innovation with high quality, always seeking the continuous improvement of its Quality Management System, and for this purpose it defines its Policy with the following objectives:
Develop solutions for customers;
Respect, commitment, security and integrity in everything and with everyone;
Quality of products;
Professional achievement of employees;


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