DEMY (D&M) BEARINGS CO.,LTD is Attending the Expo and Brought the New Product

DEMY (D&M) BEARINGS CO.,LTD is one of leading manufacturers exporters of ball and roller bearing in China. We are specialized in research and development for various kinds of high precision non-noise, long-life bearings. We can manufacturer more than 12000 categories of general and special bearings with 9 types and 5 precision classes, according to international standard, national standard and customer requirements. The company is developing toward series of products with high grade, high precision and advanced technologies to create a global OEM and after-sale service system. Quality first, Credit first & Service first is our long term principle.


2021 Nov CnBearing Online Expo first day: DEMY is attending the expo and brought the new product,welcome check it via:

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