Closing day of the CnBearing Online Expo, a summary 2021

Today is the closing day of the week-long (starting from April 12, 2021) “China Bearing & Power Transmission Online Expo 2021”. In the past few days, 93 buyers from 27 countries and 85 large-scale suppliers from China took active part in this cloud exhibition, major goals were virtually achieved with everyones effort. Participants expressed that they had great experience in the show.



During the event, a panoramic view of ordinary and up-to-date types of bearing-related products was well presented in different halls; further, many Chinese suppliers showed around their factories to buyers via live broadcasting, which helped buyers have a closer and more concrete understanding about the potential business partners. There were also some buyers or sellers who missed the scheduled activities for various reasons, and we helped them arrange other forms of meetings.


Over the past days, more than 20 sessions of matching conferences were completed successfully, fruitful trade outcomes were achieved and future long-term business chances for buyers and sellers were substantially fostered. And with the permission of the participants concerned, permanent links for live broadcasting videos were created and shared to the website and other social media, so that future interested visitors or purchasers may have access to review the event and get useful business information thence!


Global buyers from Canada, Peru, India, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Macedon, South Africa, etc, engaged in-depth business talks with the matched Chinese large-scale suppliers; and so far, several of them have placed orders, and some others are negotiating terms of future cooperation.


Based on the event plus the feedback from the participants, we believe the next expo (to be held in October this year) will be much better! We are looking forward to seeing you then!


We (CBCC, short for Chinese Bearing Commercial Community) are dedicated in improving the cooperation and communication among bearing users and sellers throughout world. If you want to get more industry business opportunities, please contact us, we believe you will achieve more business success under our support!



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