3rd day of the CnBearing Online Expo(April 12-17, 2021)

Today is the 3rd day of the week-long “China Bearing & Power Transmission Online Expo 2021” (April 12-17, 2021), and Chinese suppliers and overseas participants had heated on-line interactions in various forms of communications, such video chatting and live broadcasting.


Traditional and new types of products as displayed in halls of participating suppliers were well presented during the matching conferences, which raised buyers great interest. After in-depth communication, substantial progress was made among several participants, that, some of the buyers expressed purchase intents, in turn the suppliers promised favorable prices and conditions to the buyers, and online signing of contracts are underway.



And with the permission of the participants concerned, permanent links for todays live broadcasting were created and shared to the website, so that interested visitors or purchasers or other future partners would have access to review the video by clicking the replay button! 


In this Expo, a wide range of bearing and power transmission products of high quality and low price will be available and all deals made here will enjoy 2% off, welcome join us! It’s believed that both sides will enjoy long-term benefits through this event. We(CnBearing) are dedicated to building industry platform for qualified global bearing & power transmission entities, we believe through this Cloud Expo more business opportunities can be created for related enterprises in the field! 


If you are interested in this Expo, please do not hesitate to contact us, more exciting part is here waiting for you!



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