Review of April 13's Activities, CnBearing Online Expo

Today is the 3rd day of the week-long “China Bearing & Power Transmission Online Expo 2021” (April 12-17, 2021), and yesterday Chinese suppliers and overseas participants had great on-line interactions in various forms of communications, everything proceeded smoothly as expected.


Matching conferences were organized according to participants needs, beneficial outcomes for both sides were achieved. Miniature, medium/large-sized, automobile bearings as well as other types of bearings were demanded by participants from Iran, India, Bulgaria, South Africa and a few more other countries.


Besides, we received new purchase intents from new registered buyers, and as per their needs we contacted several suppliers and arranged meetings for them.  


And todays online activities will be more colorful and fruitful, we are looking forward to seeing you here! 


In this Expo, a wide range of bearing and power transmission products of high quality and low price will be available and all deals made here will enjoy 2% off, welcome join us! It’s believed that both sides will enjoy long-term benefits through this event. We(CnBearing) are dedicated to building industry platform for qualified global bearing & power transmission entities, we believe through this Cloud Expo more business opportunities can be created for related enterprises in the field! 


If you are interested in this Expo, please do not hesitate to contact us, more exciting part is here waiting for you!



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