The beginning day of China Bearing & Power Transmission Online Expo 2021” (April 12-17, 2021)

Today is the starting day of the week-long “China Bearing & Power Transmission Online Expo 2021” (April 12-17, 2021). Global buyers and Chinese domestic suppliers actively participated in this cloud exhibition. 



During this day, a number of purchasing meetings were consecutively and successfully held in sessions; separately, all suppliers have their own space presenting the strengths of their products in different forms, such as video clippings, verbal descriptions and live streaming, trying the best to satisfy global purchasers’ demands. 

Today, 4 sessions of round-table matching conferences were successfully completed, like thrust bearing matching meeting, etc. Both buyers and suppliers showed great interest toward each other, and some buyers needed very large quantity of products, for example, there was one of such demanding 50,000 sets of products, and in return, the supplier was glad to offer favorable prices and was going to show the buyer detailed information about their factory via video and other channels of media.


The expo is designed to bring buyers and seller closer in business interaction and possible transaction; it’s believed that deals and future cooperation can be expected shortly.


We(CBCC) are dedicated to building a good platform for qualified global bearing & power transmission entities, we believe through this Cloud Expo more business opportunities can be created for related enterprises in the field. If you are interested in this event, please do not hesitate to contact us, more exciting part is waiting for you here!

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