Brilliant product recommendation on 2022 June CnBearing Expo---Lightweight design, maintenance-free self-lubricating bearings, bushings

Today ,It is our honor to introduce the fine-quality exhibits from Jiashan Margin to all visitors.

The featured exhibits are DIN ISO 4379 | Maintenance-free cylindrical plain bushes with lightweight design specially produced by Marginal Bearings which has a fabulous credit in China with over 20 years experiences. If you are interested in it,you can send email to or  make connection by phone 18967386622

More exhibits,please visit :


About Marginal Bearing:

As a specialized manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings & bushings, Marginal Bearing, who was founded in year 2010, is devoted to researching and producing new Self-lubricating bearing materials. They have successfully developed various bearing materials with many different standard bearing sizes, including:

1) Three-layer Metal-polymer self-lubricating bearings, 

2) Two-layer metal-polymer self-lubricating bearings, 

3) Bi-metal composite self-lubricating bearings, 

4) Copper wrapped boundary lubricating bearings, 

5) Cast Bronze with Graphite Plugs, 

6) High performance steel bearing, 

7) Plastic compound materials bearings and 

8) Filament wound composite materials bearings.

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