Excellent ball bearing manufacturer recommendation---2022 Cnbearing Online EXPO

Here are our four selected exhibitors with their leading products. Welcome to be a part of us and get connected with more qualified bearing suppliers.

1.Ningbo Wanfeng Bearing Co.,Ltd

CHL is a leading manufacturer of deep groove ball bearing for the power tools,garden tools,automotive, appliances,medical and other high technology markets. Based in Cixi (the kingdom ofbearing)Ningbo

Main product:micro and small low noise motor bearings, 60 series,62 series,63seires,67series, 68 series,69series,R series

Hall: https://www.bearingshow.net/expohallindex/Ningbo-Wanfeng-Bearing-CoLtd/428.html

2.Cixi Youyou Bearing Co., Ltd

The company is equipped with advanced grinding, super-precision and assembly equipment for the manufacture of high-precision bearing. 

Main product:6000, 6200, 6300 Series Electric Motor Quality Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Hall: https://www.bearingshow.net/expohallindex/Cixi-Youyou-Bearing-Co-Ltd/347.html

3. Cixi CXE Bearing Co., Ltd

CXE has two factories and one inspection center.The two factories are Yuyao Baoci Bearing Factory and Cixi Baoci Bearing Factory which have 21 bearing grinder production lines, with an annual output of 30 million sets

Main product:thin-walled deep groove ball bearings

Hall: https://www.bearingshow.net/expohallindex/Cixi-CXE-Bearing-Co-Ltd/239.html

4.Shandong Oukai Bearing.Co.,Ltd

It is a new rapidly growing bearing manufacturing enterprise, located in Yandian town, Linqing City, Shandong Province.

Main product:6204-6220; 6304-6320; 6006-6020, quality level Z1V1, Z2V2

Hall: https://www.bearingshow.net/shopindex/shandong-oukai-bearingCoLtd/324.html

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