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ZWZChina Top Bearing BrandTop member of BearingNet www.bearingnet.net  and CBCC (www.bearing.com. Cn) updated their company video recently. Following are details. Welcome watch it. For More info, please visit www.zwz-bearing.com.

Founded in 1938, ZWZ is the biggest bearing manufacturing base in China. ZWZ is the cradle of Chinese bearing industry where the first Chinese industrial bearing was made.




ZWZ owns two bearing brands, ZWZ and KRW. The company adopts international standards and can produce more than 20,000 specifications of bearing products in ten categories with various precision levels from 20mm inner diameter to 16m outer diameter, which are mainly used in industrial equipment, railway transportationautomotive vehicleswind power and special applications.


You can trust ZWZ completely because it has the following four advantages:


Firstly, the quality testing report of ZWZ is recognized by 16 countries and 23 organizations. It provides the top-level testing line in the world which can find a micron-sized error.


Secondly, ZWZ has 317 service centers all over the world. It provides technical service that arrives on the scene in 24 hours.


Thirdly, ZWZ has the only National Engineering Research Center for Bearing in China. It has the world-class Taylor Hobson Laboratory. Moreover, ZWZ has 13 product R&D Centers, 13 materials research labs, 16 testing labs and Global Bearing Joint Simulation Technology Center. It has R&D Centers in China, America and Europe.


Finally, talent is the power of innovation. Nowadays, ZWZ has more than 1,200 research specialists. It has talents for materials, design, process, test, calculation, inspection, the R&D group for all the technologies.


If you want to know more about ZWZ products, please click https://www.zwz-bearing.com/product/index.html.

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