2022 June CnBearing Expo Top Bearing Manufacturer DYZV Display:Forging Knowledge of DYZV

Do you know the process of bearing forging DYZV, a professional manufacturer of supporting bearings for major equipment, has its own factory and advanced and complete bearing production chain. DYZV will display the part of process of large bearing forging. If you are interested in DYZV and would like to receive the benefits and discounts available at the 2022 CnBearing June Cloud Expo for a week,please send email to service@cnbearing.com

The video mainly displayed the heated steel. Under the press, the workers are adjusting the position for forging ring, put in a solid cone to process a hole. Then roll the ring, start forging. Forging presses are common presses and multi-station presses, forging on an ordinary press is usually done by manual forging, can also be modernized into automation, multi - station presses with automatic walking beam can realize automatic production of bearing ring.  


Heat treatment is the high-temperature treatment of the bearing ring after forging and turning. It directly affects the uniformity of carburization in the bearing ring, improves the wear resistance and hardness of the bearing, and is also an important factor affecting the reliability and service life of the bearing.


There are two main purposes of bearing ring forging: one is to obtain the blank with similar shape to the product, so as to improve the utilization rate of metal materials, save raw materials, reduce the amount of machining and reduce the cost. Second, eliminate the internal defects of the metal, improve the internal organization of the metal, and make the metal streamline distribution reasonable, so as to improve the service life of the bearing.


The blank of bearing ring mainly adopts bar and pipe, while the forging process is only applicable to bar. However, forging is the most used blank material in bearing manufacturing, which is suitable for large and medium-sized bearings. Forging can be divided into hot forging, cold forging and warm forging. Hot forging refers to processing above the recrystallization temperature of the blank metal. Warm forging refers to forging whose temperature does not exceed the recrystallization temperature, while cold forging refers to forging at room temperature.


DYZV can show you the bearing processing process of any factory as long as it is reasonable. DYZV sincerely welcome new and old customers to consult and visit.


About DYZV:

DYZV as a leading bearing manufacturer in China, focusing on the bearing field for more than 30 years, committing to providing standardization, high reliability and stability bearing solutions for global customers. The company is located in Dalian, the Coast of Bohai Sea, China, covering an area of more than 770000 square meters, bearing manufacturing area of more than 500,000 square meters, with fixed assets of 1.7 billion yuan, with annual production of nearly 10000  models of more than 2 million sets of bearing production capacity. With the industry leading key technology and excellent quality assurance, every day DYZV products are applied to maintain a safe and stable operation in all kinds of key equipment all over the world.


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