2022 June CnBearing Expo Top Bearing Manufacturer DYZV Display: The Appearance and Packaging of DYZV, Especially Medium and Large Bearings

Today, let's go into DYZV's secret factory to see part of the production process and packaging of their high-quality large and medium-sized bearings. If you are interested in DYZV and would like to receive the benefits and discounts available at the 2022 CnBearing June Cloud Expo for a week,please send email to service@cnbearing.com

DYZV covers an area of more than 770,000 square meters, bearing manufacturing area of more than 500,000 square meters with annual production of nearly 10,000 models of more than 2 million sets of bearing production capacity. With the development of the industry 4.0 era, DYZV integrates industrialization with informatization, and uses advanced ERP information network management system and PLM technology design system to strictly control every link of product life cycle so as to ensure that the quality of the product meets or exceeds the national standard.


For example, testing the appearance, checking the defects, testing the size, using laser printing, assembling the products, packaging process and cleaning machine, such work is part of the daily work of factory workers.


With 54,000 square meters of large-scale conjoined plant, DYZV has made continuous improvement since the era of industrialization by adjusting the process route, introducing 22 production lines, preliminarily completing the numerical control and automatic transformation of finished product processes, building a digital chemical plant and comprehensively promoting the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. Believe in DYZV and choose DYZV, DYZV will provide you with the best quality products and the most comfortable service. DYZV is willing to work with domestic and foreign merchants to move forward hand in hand and create the future!



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