ZYS Live notification on 2021 April 12~17 CnBearing online Expo

As we all know, 2020 was a very extraordinary year. In 2021, we are still unable to communicate face-to-face with more overseas customers. In the past two years, we have made a lot of updates at ZYS. We are eager to share these good news with our new and old customers around the world. We want more new and old customers to be able to visit our new precision workshop and various main products on-site to experience various aspects of performance. It happens that 2021CnBearing Online Expo can help us solve these problems, especially the live broadcast function. , It’s a great honor that we will participate in the 2021CnBearing and Power transmission Online Expo and will be live broadcast. The following are the live broadcast details:

Live broadcast theme: introduction of precision workshop, display of performance and characteristics of each product, and more qualification display of ZYS

Live time: April 12~17,2021

Advance appointment: welcome make an appointment to watch the live broadcast via 


Live broadcast, online interaction, just like being on the scene in ZYS!

No matter on-site or online, we look forward to meeting you! Customers who place an order on April 12-17, 2021CnBearing Expo can enjoy a 5% discount rate that is not available daily.


About ZYS:

Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of "high-rank, precise, advanced, unique, special" bearing products for the key units in various fields of national economic construction. Established in 1958, it is the only state-level comprehensive research institute in China's bearing industry. We have total assets of 2.06 billion RMB, own one research and development center, three industrial bases and cover an area of more than 47 hectares.


Precision workshop introductionToday, we want to introduce our most important business unit in the first industrial park-the Precision Bearing Manufacturing Department, specializing in the R&D, production, sales and service of ZYS precision bearing products.


The Precision Bearing Manufacturing Department has a workshop of 16,000 square meters, and has the most advanced constant temperature grinding workshop of nearly 10,000 square meters and 4,000 square meters of 10,000-class clean assembly room. We have nearly 300 sets of precision processing equipment and more than 500 sets of various precision testing instruments. The Department has an annual production capacity of 1 million sets of precision bearing products.


We can provide all kinds of precision bearings and bearing components of P4 and above precision grades with an inner diameter of 6 mm to an outer diameter of 850 mm. The leading products include precision machine tool spindle bearings, ceramic ball bearings, ball screw bearings, thrust bearings, single row and double row cylindrical roller bearings, cross cylindrical roller bearings, rotary table bearings, turbocharger bearings, robots bearings, etc.


ZYS precision bearings and bearing components are widely used in machine tools and precision machinery equipments, photovoltaic and new energy equipments, 3C manufacturing CNC equipments, lifting equipments, precision metallurgy, textile machinery, medical equipment, compressors, robots and so on. In addition to the domestic market, ZYS users are also located in Europe, US, Japan, Russiam, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan, China.


Introduction of part main products:

Angular contact ball bearings used in the field of machine tools. The precision grade of ZYS precision bearings can reach P4 and P2, and the rigidity performance is better than the same level in the bearing industry. The DMN value can reach four million.


Cylindrical roller bearings used in rolling mills and metallurgical mines, and also the main products of ZYS. At present, small batch trials have been conducted for well-known domestic manufacturers. The product performance of ZYS bearings has reached the technical requirements and successfully replaced foreign brands. The future market potential is huge.


Ceramic bearing balls widely used in precision angular contact bearings. ZYS can offer the ceramic balls from 0.8mm to 31.75 mm with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and the accuracy can reach G3 G5.


ZYS can offer YRT series, YRTS series, ZKLDF series, YRTM series, YRTSM series rotary table bearings. About the performance comparison of YRT, YRTS and ZKLDF series bearings with the same size, the limit speed of ZKLDF, YRTS, YRT series bearings decrease in turn while the overturning rigidity of YRTS, YRT and ZKLDF series bearings decrease sequentially. YRTM or YRTSM rotary table bearings add a set of angular displacement monitoring system on the basis of YRT or YRTS series bearings, to overcome the defect of open-loop control of diagonal displacement control, and realize closed-loop control of rotary table or indexing plate, greatly improving the positioning accuracy of angular displacement.


deep groove ball bearing:

ZYS can offer 6000 series deep groove ball bearing, 6200 series deep groove ball bearing, 6300 series deep groove ball bearing, 6400 series deep groove ball bearing, Super thin series deep groove ball bearing, Super narrow series deep groove ball bearing, Super width series deep groove ball bearing.


Product features of ZYS deep groove ball bearing:

Bearing inner and outer ring: The inner ring, outer ring and rolling elements of the bearing form an organic rotating unit. The inner and outer rings of ZYS deep groove ball bearings are made of GCr15 high-quality steel. The steel has high density and good ductility, which effectively prolongs the service life of the bearing.


Bearing rolling elements: The rolling elements transfer the load between the inner ring and the outer ring. ZYS deep groove ball bearings use G10 national standard steel balls to ensure stable operation and low noise.

Bearing cage: The bearing cage can reduce the frictional heat, optimize the load, keep the rolling elements in the correct position and interval, and prevent the rolling elements from falling off during installation. ZYS deep groove ball bearings use steel stamping cage or brass solid cage.


Why choose ZYS bearing:

ZYS has an independent R&D center and a core technology system with independent intellectual property rights. ZYS technical team and R&D equipment scale are at the forefront of the bearing industry. ZYS has many scientific research, testing and service institutions such as the National Bearing Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National Bearing Accreditation Laboratory. ZYS has achieved 908 major scientific research projects and has 792 authorized patents.


Simulation analysis and design technology: ZYS has a post-doctoral research station, an experienced team of domestic and foreign experts, complete bearing professional analysis and finite element analysis software, which can systematically analyze and design the mechanics, kinematics and dynamics properties of bearings and bearing components.


Material technology: ZYS specializes in the research and development of bearing special steel, forming and heat treatment technology, bearing lubrication and sealing materials to ensure that the bearings can meet the requirements of various complex working conditions such as long life, impact resistance, heavy load, high and low temperature.

Simulation bench test technology: ZYS possesses test technical specifications, test equipment, and test equipment development capabilities and test data processing and analysis capabilities for various types of bearings under various working conditions, providing strong support for customer product development.


Professional application technical services: ZYS has more than 380 engineering and technical personnel in bearing-related disciplines, and maintains a leading position in bearing design, basic theoretical research, lubrication technology, metal and non-metal materials, testing, and industrial standards. ZYS professional service team provides customers with systematic bearing application technology solutions including bearing selection, design, materials, testing, and process equipment.

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