Offshore Wind Power 5.5/7.0mw Main Shaft Bearing Product Appraisal and Large Wind Power Bearing Bench Test Machine Promotion Meeting Were Successfully Held in Shayang, Hubei Province

The offshore wind power 5.5/7.0mw spindle bearing product appraisal and large wind power bearing bench test machine promotion conference jointly sponsored by China Three Gorges Corporation and Beijing Jingye Bearing Co., Ltd. was held in Hubei Jingye heavy industry equipment Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Jingye Bearing on January 11, 2022.


The participating units are: Wind Machinery of China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers; China Bearing Industry Association; China Heat Treatment Association; China Quality Certification Centre; China Three Gorges Construction Engineering Corporation; PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd; CGN New Energy Holding Co., Ltd; Det Norske Veritas (China) Co., Ltd; Goldwind Science Technology Co., Ltd; Vision Energy Technology Co., Ltd; Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd; Huayi Wind Energy Co., Ltd; Sany Renewable Energy Co., Ltd; CSSC Co., Ltd; New Energy Equipment Sub-Co., TYHI; Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd; CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd; Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd; Xuji Group Co., Ltd; Sinwt Science&Technology Co., Ltd. and three experts and professors from Tsinghua University, Hunan University and Wuhan University of Technology.


The meeting mainly focused on five topics, including:

1. Spindle bearing R&D and trial production process.

2.Key technology of spindle bearing (laser quenching). 

3.Test results of finished spindle bearings.

4.Development process of testing machine. 

5.Online monitoring technology of testing machine, including bearing vibration analysis, monitoring and fault diagnosis, application of acoustic emission technology in bearing fault diagnosis, analysis of lubricating oil impurities and accurate diagnosis of 5.5/7mw spindle bearing state.


The meeting first conducted on-site investigation on the offshore wind power 5.5/7.0mw spindle bearing and large wind power bearing bench test machine independently developed by Beijing Jingye Bearing, and the experts and leaders were deeply touched.


Site visit in Hubei Jingye heavy industry workshop



Site visit of wind power spindle bearing



Site visit of wind power parts



Site visit to the process of wind power parts


Second, wonderful reports have been made on "development of offshore wind power 5.5/7.0mw spindle bearing", "lubricating oil impurity analysis and accurate diagnosis of 5.5/7mw spindle bearing state", "non-contact bearing fault monitoring technology and application based on acoustic array" and "large bearing test and life tracking technology".


After the questions and exchanges of experts, the appraisal team drafted and read out the appraisal report. The appraisal results are as follows: Beijing Jingye Bearing Co., Ltd. has completed the design and trial production of offshore 5.5/7.0mw wind turbine spindle bearing, all design indexes have reached the level of similar foreign products, and its product manufacturing has reached the advanced level of domestic industry, which can be applied domestically.

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