FJ Bearing News Report from Local TV: Adhering to Innovating, Continuous Transforming and Upgrading, Substituting the single bearing into Unit Bearing, the Maintenance-free Auto Hub Bearing Unit has Been Newly Developed

Lets focus on the development experiences of the Fujian YongAn Bearing Co., Ltd, which are specialized in bearing technology research and development, and expanding the huge market from small parts. Please watch the report delivered from the scene. What we are seeing now is the maintenance-free bearing unit newly developed by FJ Bearing, and also is Regional Development Project of Fujian Science and Technology Department in this year. Compared with the old traditional single row bearing, this type possessed many performances such as lighted-weight, integrated, long life and free maintenance, etc. At present, the trail manufacture of this product has completed, and has a vast market prospect. With the characteristic of high technology and complicated manufacturing process, the commercial maintenance-free hub bearing unit is one of priority development high end bearings in the industry. As the commercial vehicle development progresses, the occupation ratio of the commercial maintenance-free hub bearing unit in the commercial vehicle hub market is increasing year by year. By means of focusing on the market change, and aiming at the commanding height in this industry, FJ Bearing developed, tackled the key problems and made a breakthrough on commercial maintenance-free hub bearing unit. This type of bearing is listed in the project which is established by Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department announced in 2021. Since now, research and development project for this unit has been put into trial production, meanwhile, and matching corresponding advanced heat treatment instrument, high precision automatic grinding production line and assembly line have been put into use. Zhong Yuan, the Deputy General Manager of FJ Bearing: During the development process of maintenance-free hub bearing unit, we have tightly integrated the high precision bearing design technology, the assurance of machining precision, precision machining of grease and sealing flange, inspection of oil gap together, therefore, realized the goals which are meeting the design goal we proposed and the user requirement. Since the FJ Bearing has been established, they are adhering to innovating, continuous transforming and upgrading under the supports from all levels of technology department, the products are keep updating and continuously renewing, the products has transformed from agricultural machinery products, engineering machinery products into the auto mobile products, the enterprise are about to exploring the high end market. Zhong Yuan, the Deputy General Manager of FJ Bearing: Since now, we have developed over 1000 types of bearings, which are widely used in host matching on automobile mechanical machinery at domestic and abroad. We will focus on developing the commercial maintenance-free bearing unit in the next step, and we will substitute the unitized bearing product for single bearing product, and we will realize the product developed into high precision and high value.

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