Xinzhou Bearing, Reliable Professional OEM Manufacturer of Ceramic Bearing (Si3N4/ZrO2/SIC), Stainless Bearing (440c/316/304), Chrome Steel Bearing (SAE52100 steel) and Plastic Bearing, Cordially Welcome Your Cooperation

Xinzhou Bearing Industrial Inc. is one of the custom bearing manufacturer and world wide distributor of all types of bearings, specializing in ball, needle, and roller types (inch and metric sizes) made from ceramic (Si3N4/ZrO2), stainless (440c/316) or chrome steel(SAE52100 steel); tolerance ABEC1, 3, 5, 7 level.

We work directly with our OEMs and bearing distributors. We also stock bearings from other manufacturers. We distribute bearings for extreme high temperature. We can help design or manufacture any bearing.

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Awaiting for you to provide satisfactory service for you.

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